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$1.99 SportsBra!

I don't usually post a picture of underwears but this time there is an exemption. I just love getting great deals!

My friend asked me if I want to go to Tuesday mornings. I misheard her and imagine my confusion as I asked her, "Where?". She repeated Tuesday mornings. Still I repeated "where?", until I finally realized she was inviting me to shop with her at the store called Tuesday Morning!

According to my reliable soure Wikipedia (lol), Tuesday Morning is a rarity among retailers. The stores are open about 330 days out of the year, and now, just close for the first two weeks of January and July, typically slow months for retail. The chain derives its name from the day on which its events officially start, and open their doors early that Tuesday morning, generally the first Tuesday of the month.

Kinda like Ross Dress For Less. There are some branded items there that offers a little less than the price of what upscale stores gives. But to be perfectly honest, some prices were not that impressive.

There is one store literally next to our apartment complex here in W Ina Rd Tucsoon!. I can't believe what I was missing all this time! So I checked it out without any intention of getting anything. The temptation was too inbearable but finally succumed to getting a sports bra since I have been trying to work-out on as much as I can! I saw my size and did not hesitate to get it. Base on the tag, Reg prices costs, $14 but I could get it for $2.99. I went to check-out and found out it was discounted so I paid $1.99 for this! Oh the big smile I had when I left the store!

Do you have a favorite dicsount store? What is it?


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