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A Sweet After My Own Heart

My stomach may have shrunk a little bit after my battle with flu, but it did not shrink my appetite for sweets.

I woke-up at 5:30 am with a huge craving for what we call "Turones de Casoy" or cashew naugat. I went back to sleep to escape my craving but it followed me in my dream! Now, there's no amount of Pecan pie can subdue my hankering for this Filipino delicacy.

 Though I cannot find a recipe for this piece of heaven, Turones de Casoy is a sliver of nougat made of honey and cashew (and some magic that cannot be revealed) dated back during Spanish colonial time. Read more interesting stories and symbolism here.
It is so good, you can even eat the wrapper! I am not exaggerating! It's true! The wrapper is made of communion-wafer-like-paper which I super like!
And now, since my Plan A did not work (look for recipe), on to Plan B! Go find it in an Asian store. I hope they have it. Cross Fingers.


  1. Good luck finding your delicacy! Glad you are over the flu!

  2. Myric, I know how you are feeling since I am just getting over the flu myself! I have been craving the strangest things, like orange drink from McDonald's. Hope that you find your delicious nouget soon!

  3. I love cashews and honey, this sounds yummy! Hope you are feeling better!


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