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Beach Cupcake Ideas

Hubby had a craving for cake so I baked one for the very first time. Sadly, it didn't turn out right and It looked hideous enough not to post a picture of it here. But hubby was so sweet to say it tasted delicious.
The fight was not over so I thought I'd start from something small. Cupcakes!

I already bought cupcake pan to start with and looked for cupcake recipes online. I was browsing through pinterest on cupcake recipes and design then I saw this beach cupcake. I thought the use of gum as beach chair was brilliant!

Here are some more  beach themed cupcakes.

Source: flickr.com via Momma on Pinterest

Yikes! Watch out for those yummy sharks!

Bears at the beach from Betty Crocker

And of course, what is beach vacation without flipflops? (from The Kids Fun Review)

I can't wait till I can finally learn how to bake and make cute cupcakes such as these!


  1. I love baking cupcakes. Best of all, they're easy to package and give away. Otherwise, we usually don't eat a whole cake by ourselves. You are so talented and creative, Myric, that I bet your cupcakes are going to be fantastic!

  2. Oh these are all so cute! I, too, love the use of gum for a beach chair and the little bears sunbathing are too cute! You'll be baking creative and yummy cupcakes soon, Myric!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. These are SUPER cute.. LOVELY idea's.. *Just followed you via Linky follower's..* Wishing you a happy week.. : ))

  4. Those ARE cute cupcakes!

    The boxes and kisses were from Dollar Tree. Very affordable! :)


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