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DIY Wall Art: My Black Valentine

My husband and I were a couple of spoilers. It started when hubby gave his V-day gift to me as early as January 29th! Then, I just couldn't wait to give his!

He has been complaining about our blank white wall at the office for quite some time. I thought I's do something about it that would also serve as my Valentine's day present. I've had this idea on my head. I was just waiting for the perfect timing to execute it.
I have been wanting a black, white and gray theme for the office, colors that hubby would like but can also be chic at the same time.

I love wall art! But I am not in the position in life to throw huge amount of money for wall art yet. I thought this idea is so easy, perfect for my theme and something my hubby would love!

I had it personalized by including my photographs I took during our walks in Nice France. They are few of my husband's favorites! That photo of a book page is actually one of his favorite books.These photos were so meaningful to us. Reminds us of our great memories in France.

Bought the cheapest 12x12 canvas I could find and painted them black for more professional touch. I glued some pretty scrapbook black and white papers. I took the challenge of getting pretty scrapbook-papers but for less than a dollar. Most of them were on sale at Michael's!

I made this one from the scratch.

I used chip letters and put "Story Of Us". The heart is actually a cut out from one of my articles that I printed entitled "The End is Near". It was about our stay in France.

I was nervous if he would like it. The picture might look like he is in rage but....

 this picture shows a clearer statement that he loves it! He posted this on his facebook with a caption saying "No more blank white walls!".

My hubby is my number 1 fan of my photography. He believed in my creativity and encouraged me in every step of the way. He loved the idea to male our office gallery for my photos!

Speaking of Black and White Valentine, my friend Marilyn over at The ArtsyGirlConnection gave me the opportunity to be her guest featuring my black and white tags (Feb 6). Hop on to her blog and check-out the great news! See you there!


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  1. Oh WOW, Myric, this is fabulous and I love the pics of your husband--He's so cute and he looks so excited! THANK YOU so much for linking this up!!!

  2. Looks fantastic, Myric. You couldn't have hoped for a better reaction that the one you got from hubby :)

  3. Very creative and just beautiful!

  4. I just love your husband's reaction! Great job, Myric! I love your new wall art!

  5. Your Black&White Valentines art for your beloved is wonderful! Great job! I'm pretty sure your husband is head of over heels happy with it :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. What a truly beautiful and heart felt Valentine, chic and simple, great work, Maureen

  7. This is too funny, Myric. I can relate to your husband because I like painted walls too. Your collage of pictures are so pretty, and you know I love black and white as you can see on our side bar. Your project turned out so nicely.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. THANK YOU for making me laugh out loud with that fabulous pic of your hubby's excitement!!!
    Your wall looks GREAT and you deserve the cheers! Love it <3 Thanks so much for linking up to Kiss & Tell over at I Gotta Create!


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