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4th of July tote bag and Questionable French Fry?

I just want to wish all proud Americans out there happy independence day!
Hubby and I celebrated the day at In and Out by having an animal style burger and a questionable french fry?

As much as I love watching fireworks, I don't think we will be seeing one tonight. The weather here today is not cooperating. We are having some thunderstorm going on. *bummer

So, In celebration of this day, I am enjoying hubby's company and also I made an american flag inspired tote bag.

I gave a faded touch to an american flag clipart using a free editting tool called gimp.

I used a technique of image transfer using Liquitex Matte medium gel.

This tote bag is now ready for all American fashion!

I hope you guys are having a blast!

Happy Birthday America!

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  1. Très joli sac... bravo!
    Merci pour votre gentil message laissé sur mon blog. You can find on my blog on the top and on the right the google translator. Thank you again for your nice visite.

  2. Mmm...love in-and-out hamburgers! What a bummer that you didn't see any fireworks! However, your cute tote bag is quite patriotic. Very nice!

  3. Very questionable fry, lol.
    I love your tote bag, I like the faded look very much.

  4. it's awesome. the fry and the tote.

    hope you can swing by for my giveaway:

    smiles to you.



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