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Colossal Cave Adventure

Our friends from Phoenix visited us here in Tucson. They were the ones who introduced us to go to Colossal Cave here in Tucson.I thought that was a little embarrasing considering we are the ones who live here and suppose to know where to take friends who are visiting.

The first attraction of the tour was the suuweet 1957 Ford Fairlane at the parking lot which I believe a property of the Colossal cave Park.

This is us. No. We are not under protection program nor trying to conceal our identity. It's just it's the only group photo we had that day.

Wonderful view from Colossal Cave entrance overlooking Tucson hills.

 There are many entertaining stuff to see, including hidden Mickey! Try to find the hidden Mickey. Clue. It's not so hidden.

As we make our way down to the cave, the tour guide warned us of an unpleasant smell of critters, possibly skunks around the cave. You wouldn't care about it if you are adventurous. I mean, cmon! 
 It's a cave!
My imagination roam as the tour guide tells the story of train robbers who made this cave their hiding place back in late 1800's

Where's scooby doo? If you've seen the movie "127 hours", you know what I mean

They squeezed and crawled their way in these crevices to find another way out around the mountain while the authorities waited for them at the small entry hole for days hoping they finally surrender out of hunger. Robbers outwitted them.

Naming rock formations according to shapes is another way of telling directions in the cave. 
This one is the witch's head. Do you see it?

This cave wasn't only a great hiding place, but a nice dwelling place. The temperature is always 70 degrees even when there's snow on the ground or in blazing summer heat.

 We really had a great day! 

My husband got to keep up with his  friends from high school.

David Horn, Crystal Funkhouser, Hubby

with Crystal's beautiful family,

Crystal and her mini-her Teagan.


George, Spencer and Teagan posing so cutely.

They may not be my friends from higschool...

...but I am happy that I gained them as my new ones, eventhough just through my husband Jon.


  1. So much fun. We went to a water cave last year where we had to ride in a canoe, but it would be really neat to walk around in one.

  2. Looks like a wonderful group of friends.

  3. They look really interesting, but you wouldn't get me in them, so I am grateful you shared your pics :)

  4. thanks for sharing.


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