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Is it a God given dream?

Watching reality shows can sometimes be so motivating. I see cooks in game shows or antique pickers who are so passionate in what they do. I enjoy watching them having fun in their job. Their passion is so contagious that it makes me feel I could do as good. It easily misguide me into finding my true calling.
Personally I believe there are two types of calling. One is passion driven calling and the other one is the God given dream. While the first one is the easiest to determine, finding the other one however can be tricky.

Rebecca Shults, one of the speaker at the conference shared a message on how to determine if a dream if is a God's given dream through a testimony.

1. You might not naturally desire it.

2. It requires great sacrifice.

3. It seems too big.

4. It reflects the heart of God.

I found the confirmation of what God has called me to do. That night, I accepted his dream for me, not only to overcome my sins that enslaved me but also to rebel against it and defeat it.

Lunch break with church sisters during the conference.

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  1. God loves us more than our human intellect and hearts could ever even begin to imagine. When one sets aside pride of self and opens their hearts it is much easier to "hear" God's will. The next challenge is gaining courage to act per His will which can only happen when we further set aside pride of self and enter into a greater level of trust in God's infinite love.
    It is an exciting and never ending journey, enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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