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Tale of Two Moms: Part 1

Puerto Galera, Philippines 2008

I couldn't share much about my mother for I didn't know her that well. She was often out-of-touch and kept her personal life hidden when I was growing-up. One thing I know she was the type of mother who wouldn't bake cookies or wear apron like I see on vintage advertisements. She didn't read bedtime stories with moral lessons. She wouldn't kiss my wound whenever I tripped or fell down the stairs. Warm hugs and sweet words was not in her nature. She was the kind of mother who would tell me to get-up whenever I fall rather than running towards me to pick me up, cover me with kisses. No whisper of “Everything is going to be okay”. The things I wish she were. But never did.

I resented her absence when I was a teenager. She wasn't there in my school performances. Although, I was afraid of her spanking and painful discipline, I did not respect her. I have only seen the half side of my story. I thought she did not love me. My ignorant eyes were focused on her imperfections, until the day I knew Christ and understood the concept of sacrifice.

Since then, I learned that my mother was more than I wish she could be. Now I am all grown-up, I, I was able to understand her more and knew where she was coming from. My mother had a tough life, a tough teen years incomparable to drama stories I've seen on movies. She had stories that I never thought could happen in real life especially to someone I know. She also raised six children out of hard work. Each she had given conveniences in life even if it means toiling under the sun with oil grease and vehicle scraps which gave her enough to start her own business. Now she still working despite of her retiring age. She couldn't help herself to provide and help eventhough her children are now all settled down and have family of their own. A mother's job is never done. I am so proud of her, and I will do my best for her to be proud of me.

Eventhough my mom wasn't Sunday-School type of mother, but she is my epitome of maternal sacrifice . She did not raise me that way I wanted her to but she taught me how to be tough by example.

She never asked for my respect.

She earned it.


  1. Good Evening Myric...
    What a beautiful heartfelt share this evening dear friend. We never know growing up what our moms and dads were going through, and we know they did the best that they could for us at that time.

    The best part, you learned by example and you are one tough cookie. I am so proud to have you as a friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Often we don't realise people are doing the best they can for us, because we are looking at someone else who seems to be living the perfect life that we want. I am glad you came to appreciate your mother, Myric. It sounds like she is a very special lady.

  3. Loved the stories about your two different mothers.. YOur birth mum obviously had a very hard time bringing you all up and looks like she got what she wanted and you were raised properly, didnt have time to be soft, that would be her undoing and she couldnt have got through all the work that she needed to do.. its wonderful that you understand her now and have a good relationship and even better that your ma in law loves you and appreciates you and sees how you make her son happy.. guess you have it all now, well done you- love your blog!!! J


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