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Monday Blues

Do not worry. This post does not intend to depress in relation to the negative expression 'Monday Blues', often used to indicate emotion of sadness. However, these pictures of blues in contrary cheers me up!

I wanna share with you my today's favorite blues.

I fell in love with this gorgeous blue feather hairdress. Wouldn't it look great on wedding or any formal occasions. So cute! 

This shabby but chic turquiose furniture is too cute not to share!
Check-out the very talented Anne's of Design Dreams by Anne oh so cute tiny breakfast nook. She likes turqoise like I do. Hop on to her blog and see more of her turquoise creations.

I see that blue and green are not a bad combination.
I love it when bible verses are illustrated in such beautiful art.
Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week :)



  1. Definitely blues that don't make you feel blue. I think the turquoise furniture is just gorgeous.

  2. Myric, what a sweetie you are! Thank you for mentioning my breakfast nook. I love it so much, I'm glad you like it, too!


  3. Fantastic picks! Thanks for visiting and for following back :)


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