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Memorial Day Tribute and Monday Blues Inspirations

Happy Memorial day everyone!

I am not American, but I would like to acknowledge the brave American soldiers who had died along with Filipino soldiers and civilians who fought against Spanish  (who occupied the Philippines for about 400 years) and Japanese war.

This statue of General Douglas McArthur found in Leyte, is the symbol to commemorate his return to the Philippine soil to fulfill his famous promise "I shall return" after the failure to fight against the Japanese.  Since then, Filipinos have embraced American culture until Filipinos demanded independence from America.  

This is the actual photo inspiration for the statue.

I salute the brave ones. Thank you for your service!

Now It's time for...

Monday Blues Inspirations!

Glitter covered drinking glass. Isn't this a fabulous party idea!?

How cute is this spray painted coffee filter idea for birthday parties!

I know I want hues of blues for my living room. I was torn between combinations of blues and grays, blues and beige, blues and blacks. After seeing this, I am considering blues and gold!

I am not crazy about the wall paper pattern but I am loving the pattern of that mattress!

I hope you are all having a great memorial day. Hubby and I are off to eat out and go starbucks afterwards.

  Enjoy this non-working holiday with you family or loved ones :)

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  1. Hi Myric,
    What a beautiful tribute...and I love those glittered glasses...When Donna sees them, she'll flip! I hope that all is going great with you!!!


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