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Eat Something Purple

Expect two or more desserts when you are in a Filipino gathering. We invited a couple from our church for a dinner in our house. Filipinos are known hospitality. We make sure that guests are well fed even to the point they say "No more please". We'd say "That's not gonna happen. Have some more!" The food would just keep on coming.

This was the other dessert I served at the dinner. I thought I'd like to give our guests a taste of where I came from.

This dessert is made with what we call "Ube" or purple yam. We love it as cake, ice-cream flavor, bun spread or rice cake filling, or in this case as "Halaya". Ube doesn't have a strong flavor, but it becomes a real sweet treat when mixed with right ingredients.

For halaya recipe, purple yam is finely grated and cooked with condensed milk, butter, vanilla extract or sometimes, with coconut milk, with a little hint of calamansi zest or lemon/lime zest as alternative

Learn the recipe here.

I didn't have to go through a hard work of grating a purple yam. I discovered there are frozen grated yams sold in a packages at Asian stores. Kinda like this.

Image via Phil Am Food

Thank goodness.


  1. Now that is purple! I didn't even know there were purple yams.

  2. Hey there. I kind of got an idea of how it might taste from the ingredients. Sounds like it might be quite good.

    Thanks for having come by my place back on the wedding blog party. I'm not sure if you were by through Pink Saturday or the Wedding Blog Party - but I enjoyed your comment and am glad to re-read it and see your faith in Christ!

    I'm stopping by today via Liz's Time Travel Thursdays. Good to see you again. Enjoyed my visit, thanks, Jenn

  3. This is so wonderful! You're reminding me of my best friend when I was in Elementary school. Her mother was Filipino and she made the most wonderful food! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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