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What's That?!!!!!

I know you might say "What in the world is that?". That was the same question as I had when I saw this poor fellow stuck in a sticky paper one time I was cleaning.

 I have never seen anything like this so up-close so I took pleasure in taking photos of it with my phone. Like a little child I was, I was too intrigued that I had to poke it to see if it was still alive.
It moved
It wiggled
I screamed....It was still alive!!!

 I live here in Arizona for less than a year now. On that period of time, AZ doesn't cease to amaze me with it's interesting wildlife going on around.

I immediately sent this picture to my husband. He told me not to mess with it because I didn't know if it is poisonous or anything.

Because of this circumstance, I plan to go to a wildlife museum here in Tucson to get educated with common desert animals we deal here everyday.
Some said this was a horny-toad lizard, some said it looked like Desert spiny lizard.

Any idea what kind of lizard this is? I hope I didn't scare ya.


  1. Looks like a desert spiny lizard to me....Might be someones pet that got loose...

    1. It's a pet? I've seen one of this thing crawling around the bushes so I thought they are common lizards here.

    2. Yep to some people they are....I have seen some in local petshops and CL...weird I know, I am not a fan of scaly animals....Probably in Az it is...just like here in Perris the blue bellied lizard is common but I also have seen them sold in petstores....

  2. Oh my gosh, Myric!! It looks like it is smiling at you! Very strange! I'm having a giveaway so be sure to come over to my blog for a visit!

    1. haha! I think it is more like "What are you taking photos for? Help me woman!"

  3. All I can say is EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwww

  4. I looked up some desert spiny lizards because NOW I wanna know what it is :p From what I read I think its a twin-spotted spiny lizard which arent poisonous ;] Heres the website I looked at with pictures http://www.reptilesofaz.org/Lizards-Subpages/h-s-bimaculosus.html

  5. I agree with Cindy, he does seem to be smiling for you. Even so, I would be screaming and heading in the opposite direction!


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