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Part 2: A Fatherless' Wish


I was 15 when my father died. There were so much in this life we have missed. I learned to rely on God to be my father and he hasn't failed me. But it didn't end there. God said...But wait! there's more! How about another dad!
3 years ago, my father in law did not only open his home for a fatherless little Filipina from Manila for a few months before our wedding. He opened his heart for another addition to his family. A daughter.

He made my transition in living here in America a lot easier. He made sure the thermostat was warm enough in winter, if not he gave me my own heater for my bedroom.

 He was patient and brave enough to teach me how to drive.

He was with me in every step of the way in finding my talents. He is my number 1 fan. He believed in my creativity and encouraged me to pursue it eventhough it meant giving me his own DSLR.

He praised my works. He never failed to say he is proud of his darling little daughter like a dad cheering for his little girl on a stage play.

Though both of us are not experienced on having a father and daughter relationship, it has been a fun journey.

When I came to know Christ, I once wished for a family who's dedicated in the ministry and someone who would also be our spiritual  guide and advisor.

A fatherless' wish did came true.

Happy Father's Day!

to all fathers and father-in-laws


  1. It is sad that you didn't have the relationship you wanted with your dad, yet clearly he loved you very much, and it sounds like he did his best for you, in his own way.
    I am so very glad that you have the very best in-laws; it does seem like they are a gift from God, to make up for what you missed out on. I think the photo of you on your wedding day with your father-in-law is just perfect.

    1. There are some things in-life that are never too late, sometimesbnot even death could interfere :)

      Thanks Tracey

  2. You are blessed with the sweetest family myric...Your wishes came true. I still remember talks we had, and now look at you, your glass is full and overflowing....You are a faithful servant and God granted the longings of your heart...

    1. Thanks May! Now I never have to be sad not being able to go to SM mall haha on Sunday nights!


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