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Imperfection Makes it Perfect

Over the years, the Andreasens have taken their family photos in a properly manner.

with smiles, poses and proper blockings and all of that.

A tradition that has passed down to their children.

...till they have family of their own

...to grandchildren.

 They even got a dog who wouldn't want to be left out of the family picture! Funny story.

But I guess some traditions are meant to be broken
Our photographer sneakily took a stolen shot while we were waiting for his order. Mumsy was the only one prepared for unexpected shots.

and yes, out of hundreds of our wedding pictures, this one is proudly displayed in our living room. It is not a picture perfect pose but this perfectly represents how much fun I had with my in-laws and looking forward for more fun to be added as one of the Andreasens :)

Our friend Stephanie of Angelic Accents is having a wedding blog party, so I thought I'd join in and share my favorite wedding family photo...

No pressure. Just smile :)

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  1. I do like these informal shots, where everyone looks far more relaxed. It is a lovely picture, Myric.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can see why this is your favorite! I wish I had would have had informal shots at my wedding.

  3. Oh what a wonderful photo that is! Looks like you broke the mold of all the previous weddings!!! But you all look like you were having a great time:) Cute post!

  4. I absolutely love the last photo! I think those kinds are the absolute best. It lets the personalities jump out ... one of our family members did something similar and it's my favorite. All of the photos and sentiments are wonderful! Great looking family and wonderful traditions either way!

    I'm #4 on Stephanie's Wedding Party Blog ( I keep switching the order of the title .. ugh! I've forgotten which way it goes now!)

    Enjoyed my visit! Thanks

  5. Oh Myric, what a wonderful wedding post! I'm so happy that you were able to join us for the Wedding Blog Party fun! Your inlaws wedding photography is beautiful ~ I so love looking at the vintage wedding portraits! I can tell you must be such a fun daughter-in-law. I think you are both very special and lucky to have such a wonderful family. The last pic just makes me want to smile. I can see why you have it on display. Fun times at such an eventful day to always remember!! Thanks again for joining us!

    Big TX Hugs,

  6. Oh wow, I love that picture, too! and all of them--gorgeous!


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