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Sunday Thoughts: Blessing In Disguise

8 months ago we stepped into a very nice church here in Tucson. To some people who just moved to a new place, finding a church could be challenging. It was a great blessing to find us a great church two weeks after our moved to a new home.

Here's everybody showing their Jesus' well of life

We were contented just to be attendees every Sunday and mid-week bible studies, but inspite of this, I felt I was not spiritually growing, until we were given an opportunity to do a ministry. It wasn't an easy decision knowing the ministries conflict me and my husband's personality and interest. The church was nice and big but behind that, like all other churches, there is a need.

We were asked if we can be ushers/greeters. Hubby's personality as an introvert doesn't not exactly apply to the requirement as a greeter. An hour of socializing tires him more than an hour working on Physics.

I was asked if I could be a teacher to pre-schoolers on Sunday school. It wasn't an easy decision. I avoided being a teacher before because of my imperfections. I used to be a Sunday school teacher in Manila but there was time in my life that I was discouraged and just wanted to give-up. 

And also I don't know well how different American kids behave compare to Filipino kids. Language barrier is a given. 

Our darling little student Elizabeth showing off her cupcake frosting mustache

This is not during Sunday school. Just our cute church babies.

In spite of our imperfections for the job, we decided to take the plunge. Though our natural instincts tells us to avoid that hurts us, turned out sometimes what hurts us only makes us stronger, and what makes us stronger broadens our horizon to see life's bigger picture. It made us become who we thought we coudln't be and do what we thought we couldn't do. We learned to trust the Lord that he would provide the strength we need to do the task He entrusted to us to do.

We also saw this as an opportunity to grow together spiritually as married couple. Even in small thing like this, we understood a little aboout what it was like to be one flesh. We both empathized each other's weaknesses and from there we encouraged each other in completing the task.
I stand right across the door from Jon and greet the church peeps together. We teach the children together during Sunday school. And at the end of the day, we each have something to share from our experiences. My favorite part was I get to know him better and see him improved his social skill and I have overcame my fear and able to teach again. It was a blessing in disguise.


  1. Sometimes we do need to push ourselves out of our 'comfort' zone. Often we are pleasantly surprised when we do. I am so glad this worked out well for both of you. The pictures look like you are having a lot of fun.

    1. Right! That first step out of comfort zone is the scariest.

      It's a lot of fun to be with these kids. They say the funniest things.

  2. God never gives us more than we can handle. Looks like you and your husband have a good handle on your positions. God Bless you both.

    1. Thanks Irene. It is really by God's grace we were able to do it

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart & pics. It is so wonderful when we see what a blessing we receive when we are a blessing to others.

  4. Oh, this is perfect--and I am so happy that you are doing this!!! and I adore the pics!!!!


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