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I Write for Jesus tote bag

I used to work at The 700 Club Asia in Manila as a writer for corporate communications. I liked the idea that I was working for the Lord and my big boss the The Man above.

Though I don't officially work as a writer anymore since I left Manila, what I do hasn't changed. My passion stays the same. To write for Jesus :)

I used an image from the Graphic's Fairy and put a caption "I Write for Jesus"

I made a print transfer design that expresses this passion! 
I'd like to try on different image transfer mediums. I have used modge podge, medium gel, and simply ironing it from wax paper. I tried Laserjet iron on transfer paper this time. Of course, it was not cheap like modge podge but it did wonderful.

I am not endorsing or anything, but for the reference, I the heat transfer paper from tshirtsupplies.com. So far, I am satisfied with the result. It worked well with my Samsung LaserJet printer, but it did not work well with my Samsung Colored Laserjet Printer. 

 or that means... I need more practice :)

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Oh WOW, Myric, I love this!!! And you will be writing for Jesus again!!!

  2. Thanks Cindy! This is dedicated for writers of Christ! My friend saw this and asked me if I sell this. I made another one and she bought it! I am going to make some more designs!



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