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Monday Blues Inspiration:Cindy Adkin's Books

For my Monday Blues Inspirations, I'd like to share a cool cover of one of Cindy Adkins' of Whimsical Musings' e-book Fire and Ice(read the synopsis). What an intriguing story.


Her e-books are listed as best-sellers on amazon! Well yes because they are good of course.

I am in the middle of reading the Valley Meadow Christian fiction series for young adults. Not sure if I am still classified as one, but I really find it inspiring and enjoyable. The characters are not the average typical youngsters. They have callings to pursue.
I just started reading "Nellie's Gift". It brings me back memories when we were just newly weds.
The way she writes stimulates my imagination as if I was in the story! I specially recommend "Hailey's Heart" even for young teens!

Check-out her blog for more stories!


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