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Choosing Celebrity Haircut

I tend to procrastinate time pressure when it comes to haircut. I wasn't going for Rupunzel look, but mainly because I am overwhelmed with decisions of length and style. Others would pay bucks on extensions, but then realized I am starting to look like Gandalf. My hair grew long down to waist. I spent ridiculous amount of time blowing it dry and styling it.  And plus, the length was making my hair look flat!  It has to go. It's time to cut.

Choosing a hairstyle wasn't easy. I have a thin fine hair. Usually people would recommendation bob cut for this type of hair and layers is a big no-no. I find it false. It took me a while to grow  my hair this long. I still want to enjoy it thank you very much.

In choosing a celebrity style, I made sure to look for the celebrity's natural looking photo so the stylist could grasp how I envisioned my hair. By doing so I am giving the stylist a favor and make things a lot easier for the both of us.

Rashida Jones has very fine thin hair close to mine. I was worried that my hair would be too thin to handle full bangs, but the layers gave it more volume.

I asked the stylist for full bangs that I could wear straight and sideswept. I also wanted shorter because I hate it when I can't see and my hair keeps poking my eyes. I am really happy with the outcome. Got my hair done at Style America at W. Ina Road for a very very reasonable price! Ask for Kristina. She's awesome.

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  1. It looks so cute. I love Rashida Jones too.

  2. It looks lovely, Myric. Great choice of style, it really suits you.

  3. You picked a lovely style and it looks great on you!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. How pretty you are! Great choice. Regena in TN

  5. You're so cute you could wear any hairstyle and look fabulous. Love the new style!

  6. I like your new hairstyle and you look more prettier.

  7. Suits you so well! Looking precious as ever...

  8. Your hair turned out great! It's a super cute cut on you! I'm featuring this Wednesday. Thanks for linking up!

  9. Oh my GOSH! You seriously look so good! That was a great choice.

  10. Hi Myric. I like checking out your blog every so often. It's a nice way for me to "visit" you and Jonathan. I really enjoy all your postings. The way you encourage everyone makes me smile. I like your new hairstyle too. Thanks for letting us share your life.


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