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Restaurant Review: HighNoon Resto Albuquerque NM

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We chose this restaurant on our second evening stay in Albequerque New Mexico due to it's good ratings and it's located at what we thought an interesting place of Old Town New Mexico. I would give our server five thumbs up but not  their grilled burgers.
I ordered well done bison burger, but the waiter suggested I should get  medium well if I want my burger to stay juicy. My husband however made his medium.
While waiting, hubby and I amused ourselves observing the building's structure. I have to say, the restaurant was clean.
We got our orders, took a bite, and was dissapointed that both our burgers were dry as a raisin! I don't think it was worth it's cost.
 I may be too early to speak for it's reputation or I guess we just had the worst choice in the menu. Eitherway, I don't think we will be coming back. Overall, our experience at HighNoon Restaurant and Saloon was a pricey burger mistake.


  1. Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir à nouveau de vous lire. Je rentre à peine après plusieurs semaines d'absence.
    Très jolie publication...
    Gros bisous.

  2. How disappointing for you. Especially when the setting looks so lovely.


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