I am on


Fall Fever

Summer slowly saying goodbye as fall started creeping as soon as the month of September came in.

You were drinking tropical mango smoothie and before you know it you are sipping spiced apple tea cider. Though it is too hot for tea here in AZ, I am getting my Fall fever on, scanning Pinterest for some fall inspirations.

Since it's too hot for tea, why not make an
 apple cider cupcakes with salted buttercream
Something Swanky.

It is melted my heart even before it melts in my mouth! I cannot wait to try it!

My Asian taste is still adapting to all American cuisine like pumpkin bread, but in this case, bribing my taste with pumpkin bread with generous chocolate chips and a little bit of cranberries like this recipe

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

I will have no problems eating it to the last crumb at all!

I fell in love with the autumn colors of this wreath. I would love to have one hanging on my door.

And if you want a non-traditional wreath, you should give this arrangement by  

What about you? Are you getting your Fall fever on?


  1. The autumn/fall colours are lovely, but I hope summer stays just a little while longer!

  2. I think once the temperatures here in AZ get below triple digits all day I'll be in the mood for autumn :o) I do really like the beautiful door wreaths.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I love the fall!! Pretty choices - that door hanging is gorgeous!!!


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