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PIN-tresting: Not All Looks Good Tastes Good?

I learned about this woman who tries everything she sees on Pinterest. Her blog Pintester is quite interesting and entertaining. I'd definitley keep going back to check her experiments...
Source: pintester.com via Myric on Pinterest
...like one of these mug cakes.

Surely it looks invitingly delicious and to be honest, I'd like to try it sometime.
I read the recipe and was a little shocked when I saw the cake was microwave baked. I would not want to bake my cake in the microwave unless it is really really really necessary. I use my microwave for melting butter, and reheating left-overs. I never want to melt my chocolate in my microwave anymore after that one fateful night.
In NAPTIMECHEF's defense, the blogger who made the cake said that this was a result of many experiments. I do however agree base on my experience that few attempts may fail but it doesn't mean it is impossible to achieve perfection. 
Pintester has inspired me to put my pins to the test. We shall see.


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