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Free 3 Downloadable Christmas Songs

I find it quite shocking that some Americans dislike playing Christmas songs as early as November. From where I grew-up, we set-up our Christmas tree as early as -ber months starts (i.g..September, October, November) while playing Christmas songs at the top-pest volumes of our stereos. We don't have to worry about Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it anyway.

It's finally official! I can play Christmas songs! My early morning routine is to turn-on my KLOVE radio app on my IPhone. I always on the wait for free songs. Who doesn't love 'free' right? Today they announced that they are not only giving one.. but three free downloadable Christmas songs on Itunes! Get free songs here.

Includes songs by:

Laura Story: Emmanuel

Phillips Craig & Dean: O Come All Ye Faithful

Phil Wickham: Christmas Time

Just want to share the good news!
What a WONDERFUL way to start the day :)


  1. OH WOW, that is super neat!!!


  2. Good Evening Myric Sweetie...
    Wow what a wonderful share. I love Christmas. It isn't the presents, it isn't the food, it is the gorgeous decorations that we get to set out and I simply love the music this time of year as well. The songs reach out and grab our hearts, make one think and share.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful downloadable freebie. I love free. Thank you sweet friend.

    How is the job searching going? I have been thinking of you and praying for you. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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