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How Decors Come to Life?

Helpful Mr. Stuffed Snowman was glad to hear he has entertained you with his story. He was just a lifeless stuffed Christmas decoration I got from a silly Christmas party game that I decided to donate to a yard sale for a cause. Suddenly, now it is hard to see it go.

This lifeless stuffed snowman with a tiny shovel inspired me to write a story. In the story, he is alive and a has a helpful heart. A heart that desires to help in any ways he could even though he is stuck in a box.

The story gave him life. It seems like I gave him a piece of my heart that has brought him to life. Yes. They do come to life if given them a purpose to exist. Though it is hard to see him go, I feel that he is asking me to give him away to serve his purpose, but he will leave me with a significant story that I hope to publish for children to read to learn the significance of helping, or if not, it will be a bed time story exclusively for my kids in future.

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