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Hanging Christmas Memories

 Hello beautiful bloggers! I hope you are enjoying getting your house ready for Christmas season! I have been seeing A LOT of Christmas projects from creative ladies out there. It is soo much fun to look at them!

This same board used to hold my hubby's childhood memories. Now that he is married, maybe it is time for this frame to hold a whole new memories. Our Memories!

This inspiration board was made by his mom when he was single. It was dirty and faded when I found it, so I tried to figure out what can I do with it.

It was pretty but I thought I wanted to do something new with it. I think I got this idea from Pinterest but I couldn't find it anymore! I guess I didn't pin it. Oh Well!
Now, so, after getting permission from my loving mumsy-in-law, I stripped it and found this white frame. But the cork board was stained. 
To keep-up for the season, I covered the the background with snowflakes designed gift wrapper, glued some strings and got cute little wooden clothespins! Well, honestly, Michael's ran out of the size I wanted so I just got these tiny ones.

Then to finish it, put our white Christmas memories that I just conveniently had printed, suppose to be for my scrapbook. I thought I could use them for this project for a while. I then hung cute Christmas cards to make it more Christmas-y!

My blue Christmas doesn't end here....

Till the next post!



  1. Oh Myric, this is totally adorable!!! I love it and thank you so much for the inspiration!!

  2. It looks great, Myric! It's an awesome way to display cards. So happy to become "blogging friends!" Yes, I see we share a love of tea, writing and art! I also see my good friend, Cindy, commented on this too - she and I share the same first and last names! (didn't want you to get confused about us! lol)

  3. Very cute! I love the silver bird tucked in with the pictures and cards. I'm now a follower


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