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Eating A Piece of My Heart

Today's is supposed to be a French Day Friday when I share something French. But for today, I am gonna have to change the tittle as Friends Day Friday!

I met a group of nice ladies in Tucson AZ who meets every Friday for a get-together for a bible study. I was asked if I could teach them some cooking lessons of traditional Filipino dishes this Friday. As someone who enjoyed cooking, of course I said yes! But it was a bit challenging because I had to speak and demonstrate what I was doing all at the same time. But It was okay I enjoyed every second of it.

We kept it very casual. The dish I taught required a lot of preparations of cutting and getting down and dirty using their hands for mixing which for me is most effective. It was also a little bit time consuming which gave us more time for conversations to get to know each other more.

Filipino way of cooking is usually time consuming but always brings such delicious outcome. Our dishes usually consists of lots of ingredients which also means requiring a lot of chopping and shredding! This process brings family, friends and neighbors closer together on special occasions, just having that enjoyable chit-chats over an old fashioned way of chopping onions and garlic or by carefully separating Lumpia wrappers (egg roll wraps) for making delicious Lumpiang Shanghai.

The kids loved the egg rolls!!!

There are many ways to express love. One of them is through cooking. There is a joy in cooking as much as there is in eating. There is a certain feeling of happiness whenever I see the sweet smiles of the people I care for while they munch-on the food I have prepared for them. Somehow, it felt like they happily accepted a piece of my heart.

It was an honor to bring them a piece of my culture.

I wanna do it again...

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  1. Friends at french made me laff....(parang binisaya mo ang french naging friends heheh)....Lucky! Wish Id have group soon and majorly overcome my timidity/intimidation.
    Miss Yah Dudette!

  2. That is so neat that you were able to teach some of your cooking techniques and recipes! How fun, I bet everyone loved it!!

  3. I am positive everyone had a wonderful time through the cooking fellowship. You were so nice to teach them!

  4. I cant think of any thing better then getting together for a good bible discussion and Philippine food...
    A gal at work makes us this noodle dish with shrimp and cut up veggies, she chops the veggies so fine, just like you say in your post...yummy!!!
    I'd join that Bible group any day!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you, Myric...
    Blessings Grace
    (I am following you now)


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