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Candle Holder Make-Over

 I love stories with redeeming factor. In scriptwriting, there is a pattern called Ugly Duckling formula where something ugly eventually turned into something beautiful.This is my inspiration in this project.

Me and my hubby love candles! So what can I do with these yucky empty candle containers? I didn't want to throw them away. I've got to do something with it.

 First things first, I cleaned the glass of course. Then I looked something I could use for embellishments. Here, I recycled the fabric softener sheets and cut a little piece of burlap

 Next, I wrapped the fabric softener sheet around the glass, a cut piece of burlap and a ribbon.

I am aiming for beach-y feel in our living room so I embellished it with small sea shell using glue stick. I love snowflakes! I added snowflake stickers that my mom-in-law gave me. I thought it's timely since I started putting-up my Christmas decorations. After Christmas, I could just take the stickers off and glue some pearls.

It is just a perfect match to my square plate I bought at Khol's. It was on sale for $2 and something, plus we had a coupon and plus, my husband had a balance left in his gift-card. So it was like FREE!

Put a flame-less tea light then voila! Good as new :)
Well, I guess you can also put an ordinary tea candle. It could magnify the smell of the fabric softener sheet.

Here is the other design I made. I used buttons and a lose string from the fabric and tied it in a bow on this one. Looks like all I'm set for valentines?

I hope you enjoyed the project! 
Bon Week-end!!

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  1. Oh Myric,
    How adorable!!! I actually made something similar in summer that went into a magazine, but I signed a contract that I can't post it on my blog for a year! So, I guess no one can see it til next year!

    YOURS is gorgeous and I love it when it is lit too!!! You are so talented!!!
    Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  2. Hi Myric
    I love this idea...I think I will copycat your lovely craft...its so pretty lit up...
    Happy Pink Saturday

  3. How sweet! I love both of them. You are so talented.


  4. What a fun project, Myric! I love your idea of recycling the glass candle holders, I always hated tossing them out, too! And the combo of the burlap, shell and snowflakes is perfect! I just may have to borrow your idea:) Oh, and the dryer sheet is the perfect addition, love it all!!

  5. They look great! I am gonna have to remember to do that on the next empty candle jar I have.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Myric Sweetie...
    Oh what a treasured share today. I love, LOVE your creations. They are absolutely gorgeous. I throw my Bounce sheets away after I use them. Never once thought about reusing them. Darn, I will have to put a box in the utility room for recycling laundry sheets now.

    I love your beach theme. So pretty and just perfect for your room. What a deal on the plate. I love things that end up being free.

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend. I hope one day you get to Phoenix, and we can meet. Many hugs sweetie and much love, Sherry

  7. Wow, that looks wonderful-what a great idea. They will make brilliant Christmas gifts!

    Thanks for joining in with my linky party. If you have been busy on Pinterest this week or want to share a song I would be so thrilled if you could link up again this week.

    Best wishes,


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