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French Friday#6 :French Riviera Antique Market

Ça va mes amis!

I hope I said it right. It's funny how one expression (Ça va) could mean different thing. In French it is an expression of "How are you?" and also a response "I'm fine!", or "I'm good!"

I feel my French is getting pretty rusty. Before I left France my French teacher reminded me that I must continue practicing my French, like a worried mother.

Street markets in French Riviera played a big part with my French. It was quite intimidating to talk to locals. But do not worry, they will be delighted to hear you tried and they'd be happy to correct you.

I tried to get the habit of going out and try to make a simple conversation. Besides by doing, it served as my French homework, going to this market was also my stress reliever.

I used to come to this antique market every Monday at Cours Saleya Nice France. It opens at 7:30 to 6 pm except on holidays. They close early on winter season.
 I always looked forward to my Monday walk. Its was only an 8 minute walk from our apartment.

It always seemed like time traveling in the afternoon or looking at displays in a history museum except you can take them home.....

 ....if the price is right ;)

 Some do trades, and some do buy and sell. I noticed most of the buyers were tourists.
There's a vast selection of antiques of any kind! Be mindful of taking pictures though. Some vendors aren't happy with the idea. They will call you rude.

Even new items and slightly used goods are also being sold here.

 I wish my Mondays are still like this.

I made sure I take home a souvenir before I left. I always love to own a cameo. I have seen so many beautiful antique cameos but this small antique agate stone and white marble cameo pendant was I could only afford. I haggled for a lower price since there's a crack. But I thought it is pretty cool. I asked the vendor if she knew how old this is. She thought, its probably around 20's.
 I'd like to go back to badly!!

Where is your favorite antique market? I would love for you to share :)

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  1. WOW, Myric, this is pure gorgeousness!!!! Wishing you a happy weekend, my friend.


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