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Light Sculpture: Féérie Florale

This is too good not to share. I was browsing for inspirations at Pinterest and this art caught my attention!

How about that!? Doesn't it look magical? It's like those magical moments of Cinderella's transformation preparing to go to the ball or  like that of Tinkerbell's fairy dust!

I followed the source of this photo and It took me to site of apartmenttherapy.com. I had to admit, I felt a little jealousy to Kristin Hohenadel a blogger who purchased this dreamy piece of art. Oh how I would love to have one of this at home! 

Click here if you want to see more designs or how is it made!

This was made by a very talented French designer named Valérie Boy. The site challenged my French comprehension. I understood so little of the artist's description. It didn't matter anyway because I was too entertained looking through her Sculptures Lumineuses.


  1. you can do that!thats like paper sculpture!stencls makes wonder hehhe

  2. LOVE it.. So festive and beautiful.. Now I'm sitting here figuring out HOW to make one of my own... hmmmmm.. : ))

  3. How pretty! Yes, it does look like Tinkerbell's magic! I bet you could recreate this with beautiful fabric stretched onto an artist's canvas. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Oh I am SO making one of these for myself! Can you imagine the possibilities? You could even put in your own fairies! I have some canvas here and it's almost always on sale at places like Michael's. It would be a matter of drawing the design on and then hand cutting out the parts you want light to shine through. I believe I'll be making one of these very soon. :)

  5. Really, people? Canvas. It is hand-cut, powder-coated METAL! Good luck with you canvas project though. Smh.


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