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Five Dollar Fun

I missed my French Friday post yesterday. But all worth it after being invited to a women fellowship group.

After our meeting, I didn't know we would be stopping by for some fun shopping at the thrift store. It is called Golden Goose located at Catalina, AZ.

I felt my heart was pumping with happiness when I stepped-in!

50 cents for this cute jar! One lady comforted me saying this is worth 50 cents. Three times she made sure that I hang on to this or I would lose it fast! I am going to do something with it later, but it is my peppermint candy jar for now.

Next thing caught my attention was this cup. If you think this is too dainty for men? 

Guess again lol!. I called my husband from his office as soon as I saw this antique German Mustache cup. He did not hesitate to tell me I should get it! The last time we saw one of these was at Niagra Falls Museum when we were on our honeymoon. $3 but got it half off!! Not a bad price for such priceless memory of our honeymoon.

I saw this 9 yard valance for $3! I love the color so I thought I just have to get it!! The uses could be endless!!

There's nothing like exchanging ooh's and ahh's while shopping with friends. I guess shopping is a common language of women that draws them closer together through discovering each other's tastes. But this activity doesn't have to be costly. Maybe $5 would do :)

It was really a fun day.

How do you spend fun time with your friends? 

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  1. Love your finds! I think a shopping trip that ends with spending $5 and you take home such sweet and delicate treasures is just the "best". Congratulations, my daughter did the same yesterday, spent about the same and says it will completely infuse her dining room with color, needed for a winter in the far pacific northwest.
    nice to "meet" a kindred spirit.

  2. Wow!!! What amazing finds--I love them! If you get a chance, I featured you on the Girls' Club, so come take a look! xo Cin

  3. Oh I'm so glad you saw the rooster post! And I want to tell you that I won't mention the book until it's published, which should take a couple of weeks, so I'll let you know as soon as it is!!! Thank you SO much!

  4. Love that valance. What a steal for one that size!

  5. Love the jar & the fabric is fabulous!!!

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my chubby sparrow :)


  6. Wow, I sure would love to shop at that thrift store! The ones here are so overpriced! You found some real treasures. My absolute favorite is that gorgeous yellow valence! It is oh so French!!


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