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Anne of Green Gables Room

I just finished watching two classic movies and craving for more.

Shirley Temple starring Heidi she was sooo cute! If I will have a little girl, I wish she will be as sweet as this character.

Surely, the production and cinematography are poor. But I must admit, noting beats the classic.

But speaking of classics, this just reminded me of a room I want to show to you..

It is called the Anne of Green Gables Room.

This is one of our Grandma June's beautiful guestrooms.

She always loved Anne of Green Gables

So the tandem of the amazing Saari Sisters, grandma's two daughters, my beloved mother-in-law Kathleen and her sister Chris Saari Scheer of "Kindred Spirits Designs" who made my cute pink button bracelet, put all these things together to bring our grandma's favorite novel to her home.

Oh the things we would do for our loving grandma. Everybody loves her!

A painter and a decorator. And a nurse who took care of her. How blessed is grandma to have such wonderful daughters.

Auntie Chris did the wall paintings herself.

It felt like sleeping in a garden

"..and gather violets in violet vale"

..with written excerpts from the novel on the walls.

This is where I spent my very first Christmas in U.S. Grandma made sure we are warmly welcomed with love and kisses.

It was the greatest room experience I've ever had. It felt like a museum. I made sure I brought myself back a souvenir photo. I am mad at myself for not able to find pictures of those cute figurines and a little notepad to write on a short love message for grandma on the table.

How do you give your guests an unforgettable stay in your house?

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  1. Your Grandmothers paintings on the walls are beautiful:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Hi Myric,
    How totally adorable!! I love that fence on the wall--how precious! The thing I do to make guests' stays special is I have a special guest closet with new robes, flip-flops, shorts, shirts--and it's so neat and everyone is surprised!!!

  3. Well, what a wonderful room to welcome overnight guests! Being from Anne of Green Gables country, I was intrigued by your post. Thanks for sharing; lovely memories and photos! Wishing you a delightful day.


  4. We sure have a wonderful Grandma June! Love your blog Myric!

  5. I just saw your post on French Country Cottage. What an adorable site you have!! This is truly lovely! I am now your newest follower; and I hope you will follow me, too! Many blessings to you!

  6. Hi Myric, what a beautiful tribute to our Canadian "Heroine". Sounds like you have your own in your grandma. Gorgeous. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  7. Hello again Myric. Since I wrote to you I have been out shopping and you will never believe what I bought today - it just ties in with this blog. You will have to watch for my newest blog, probably tonight, and you will understand what I mean. Very mysterious??? Worth watching for. I'll give you a clue. I found it in a local antique store. Talk to you later. Hugs, Chris


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