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Happy Closet Sad Heart

Around this time, women in town of Nice are frantically shopping, taking advantage of the year end sale upto %70 off!. I miss that so badly right now. This entry is from one of my neglected, forgotten blog that I don't use anymore. So in memory of my favorite activity year ago (which I probably should be doing at this day), Id like to share a tiny piece of me to my new blogging friends.

Happy Closet, Sad Heart

Intense excitement, heart-pounding, blood raising, eye-opening. Can’t believe it is happening. After a few free press of a button, it is done! Everything becomes mellow. Your heart beats back in slower pace. Then you come to your senses and realize, you don’t need it.  You try to sanitize your hasty deed with an excuse  “Maybe I need this one skirt” or with a twisted lie ”I am happier if I have this”.

Galeries Lafayette. Historic Mall in the town

You just can’t resist that enticing big texts in red that says UNTIL 70% OFF! You had a dream of that black lacy dress that used to be 34 euros now down to 10. An amount which could go as far as 5 articles in your favorite hip boutique. There are mornings when you just can’t wait for tomorrow, anticipating to get that fashionable 15-euro (now 4) Khaki bag before it is gone!

And the crowd goes wild!! Nice is not usually like this unless it's the year-end sale

 There are always HUGE sales in the whole town of Nice at the beggining and end of the year. It triggers the compulsive buyers to get as much as they could. The end of it is uncertain. It makes me sick. It prolongs sleepless nights. Somehow I wish it would end. But at the same time I wish it won’t. Not until I get that red top for 3 euros. (And may I ask my fellow Filipinos not to convert it in pesos. Definitely different when you are earning and spending euros). When you see that dress in its lowest price, you tell yourself, “Could it be any lower?” or “I can never get this in this price.”

I convinced myself I am not a shopaholic but probably I like bargain-hunting very much. Half-off is still unappealingly high for me but there is always a reason and space for that red-tagged item with a big SEVEN OH (70)% OFF!!!” (Three exclamation marks emphasized). The sight of scatched original price in the tag  lowered to a single-digit price is incredibly irresistable.
Shopaholic. Am I becoming one?

In an article “The Basics; You might be a shopaholic” , compulsive shopping isn’t a true compulsion at all, but instead an impulse control disorder. A compulsion is a behavior that is produced to counteract an upsetting thought. Impulsive shopping could also be the result of loneliness, others shop for the rush of it, and others may have an inner need unfilled. Some seek greater self-esteem, others to fight depression. Some shop to return to a happy childhood, others to escape a bad one.
I could write about this forever, but I will not bore you my dear reader (who cared to spare a few of your precious minutes).
Weather you are a shopaholic or starting to be one, it is better to be aware of the potential causes and meditate more on what is important.
It might be the big year-end sale or maybe just trying to cover-up the ugly feeling that I miss my family and close friends back home. Truth is that no amount of discounts could mask that I need more than just a bag of temporary pleasure. The best part was, this thought gave me something to write about and use my time contemplating rather being at the mall right now.


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  1. For quite sometime I haven't been to the mall. But I go sometimes to thrift store which I find it really cheap if I find good stuff. Our malls or stores here always has sales or discount sales but for me it is still expensive, lol! ^_^


  2. Like your friend kim, Thrift store and swap meet is my fave place to hunt bargains.....ocassionally I would hit big stores BUT i go straight to clearance section, i find stuff cheaper as the store's season ends. online seems cheaper they have sales codes and sales in bundle. Nothing beats divisoria though....

  3. I LOVE hunting for bargains - it's my favourite thing!! Especially when you find something amazing :)

    Thanks for your comments on my win - you're such a sweetie!! xox

  4. Oh wow, this is so interesting..and seventy percent off? That's almost free! Amazing!!! I hope you're having a great week--and I say, if it's jumping into your closet, why stop it? lol

  5. P.S. I thought of you because I just posted my Gratitude Journals and I know how much you love journals...I can't wait to hear what your miracle story is....I'm having a special "Blessings" week in Nov.


  6. I just saw you featured on Time Travel Thursday!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. Very nice post. HappyTime Travel Thurs.

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