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Ma Petite Fille

Hello there! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ma Petite Fille is a very special term for me. This is what mumsy (my mother-in-law) calls me all the time as her act of endearment. Considering she never had her own daughter. And because of my size she is treating me like one! But it was fun and sweet. I tolerate it anyway. (so expect baby talks when you are around us. lol!)

Here is another added to my Fading Memory collections, this Petite Fille is actually one of my mumsy's table decorations.

I say, this is one of my failed attempts during my first practice with my camera. I am still practicing with my exposures and my photo turned out to be blurry. With a few touches from my ever trusted editing, I was able to make an art out of it! 

Do you have "Petite Fille"? What is your call of endearment for her? 

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