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A Blogger's Monday Blues

The Blues is a term usually referred to depression or melancholy.

But not these type of  blues!


 It's Monday morning again. The home is clean so there's nothing else to do.
 I had to lazily drag my self out of the bed

Fixed my hair to look my best to start the day

Source: flickr.com via Neena on Pinterest

Then I thought... what's the point? I'll just be home all day. 
Lazy tie will do.

Then I looked for something to do.

Perhaps gather materials to create a craft.

or make a generic greeting card good for any occasions

...wrap an early Christmas present in a profound way?

or maybe I could try that new recipe!

or probably start a home project that might require a big mess.

Source: None via Myric on Pinterest

I couldn't make-up my mind. I sat in front of my computer to see what my fellow Bloggers have to show or tell today.  
Saw this sign say...

This gave me a thought.

There are two choices to start a great a week.

To inspire or be inspired :)

Happy Monday to all.


  1. Oh this post is adorable! And I LOVE those sailboat cupcakes!!!

  2. lol...I thought they were sailboats, but shark fins is super-clever too! and I love the umbrella...how cute!


  3. The "Lazy Tie" is my best friend. lol Those cupcakes look delicious.

  4. What a great quote, and a terrific post! I am drooling over those cupcakes! Oh, and those gifts look gorgeous in their fancy wrapping:)

  5. I just love your version of a blue Monday:) I also love the first hair style you posted. So pretty:)
    ~Debra xx
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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