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Selective Coloring

I have been having fun playing with my editing software lately. Hubby is so thoughtful to get books from the

library for my further reading about GIMP.

I have lots of stock photos that needs some TLC in retouching. I am editing my own wedding pictures because it is

something I really enjoy doing. Learning about the software and the function of each tools can be a pain!

But this is something I can do ALL DAY without complains! 

**I should have studied  graphic designing.**

I played with another lesson called selective coloring. Very easy. I used one of my wedding photos and

turned out quite  cute!

I love love red roses with pearls and feathers! Combination of classic and elegance.

Perfectly preserved for one of my Fading Memory Collections!

I thought this would be an appropriate entry for faded charm's White Wednesday!

What kind of flowers did you use for you bouquet on your wedding day?


  1. OH MY GOSH--this picture is purely gorgeous, Myric!!! WOW!!! It could win a contest!!!


  2. Thanks so much!!! I have had trouble with my internet--it's been on the blink ALL day! So lucky I could even make a comment~Oh gosh, what computer drama, isn't it? lol


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