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Which Era Are You?

Which is your favorite era? My friend asked me after seeing Midnight In Paris on our double date.

I had to pause a few seconds and thought about it. I like Victorian when it comes to interior designs. From Edwardian to the era of Coco Chanel , if talking about fashion.The dresses are not too poofy or too heavy,

My mother-in-law made me wear all her antique hats from Grandma. She got me hooked on hats. I bought this one from Italy in street market for 10 euros. This is the closest to cloche hat I could get

I like the fashion statement of the old days when ladies dressed very modestly. Festive but possesses sheer elegance and sophistication.

These reproduction vintage dresses caught my attention while browsing Pinterest.

Love to wear it for Halloween or any other costume parties.

What about you? Which era would you choose?


  1. Oh, definitely the 20s!!!! How fun must that have been? I love the book "The Great Gatsby." I could sure see living at that time. I just heard on the radio tonight that people have such a need for nostalgia because times feel so scary to so many people...interesting, isn't it? Even in marketing, things have gone in that direction too...

    Hope you're having a great weekend! I went to the beach today--yay! It was so pretty.

  2. Oh, I had one other thing to tell you too...Your name is beautiful. It reminds me of music, like a lyric to a song...I'll bet so many people tell you that!


  3. Ahh. Nothin like a rest time at the beach. My husband and i went to see if we could sell his stamp collections. We ended up as shock absorber for rantings of an old man against how techy kids are now and the stamp collecting business is dying with old stamp collectors.
    I agree with what u said. Do you think fashion wise, women will casually dress-up like 20's anytime soon? :P

    Till the next post :)

  4. Most if the time people i met spent the first minute confused learning my name's pronounciation and the spelling when they hear it. Then i am always prepared for the explanation. Its entertaining. Flattering you like it!


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