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Got Journal?

 I was admiring my friend Cindy's  collection of journals in her Esty shop. She has a great eye in putting stuff together and make it so beautiful! I don't know how she able to put a prize in her arts! 

"Thanks Cindy for letting me use your pictures :)"

Looks priceless isn't it. Truly an art from the heart. Makes writing more exciting!

Whenever I see a very cute journal or notepad, I always try to reason to myself I should I get it. I am not a hardcore collector of anything, but I found myself owning an unreasonable number of notebooks, notepads and journal that I don't use. Most of them are gifts.

I got this from a small shop in Lincoln IL called Beans and Such.

I think, a blank journal is second most fascinating thing next to book. It can be a medium to one's life reflection and a start of timeless story.

It also holds back-up files of memories that would soon be forgotten.

Unreasonable because I don't write on journal. My handwriting is so bad, so I prefer to write on the computer, smartphones and blogs. But I there is nothing like a good old fashioned journals. 

I was with my mother-in-law at the store one time, I was admiring this cute little notebook. She asked if I want it and she'll get it for me.

I am not a very outgoing person. I am not a talker. Maybe that is why I like writing because it is where I can express my-self well through words.

my mom-in-law knew how I love this cute punch studio notepad. She got one for me and one for herself!

My first journal was to track records of God's work in my life. I called it "The Evidence of God". So every time I feel like I am losing my faith, it reminds me what the Lord has done.

Everybody has a unique story and lessons to tell today or in the future.

It makes life more interesting. 

"A journal can also be a tool for self-evaluation and self-improvement. 'We examine our lives as we come to know ourselves through our journals......'Even if you take your journal and go back a year, you learn things about yourself you didn't know at the time. You understand things about yourself.'"
(Janet Brigham)


  1. Oh my gosh, Myric, thank you SO much for featuring my journals...they truly are a labor of love. I adore making them. And I love yours--wow! And "The Evidence of God" is an amazing idea. I made a miracle journal that talks about miracles in my life--you and I think so much alike!!

  2. Can you email me at Cindylou_20@hotmail.com? I want to tell you something neat!

  3. Hi Myric,
    Thanks so much for visiting--and I hope Marcia is surprised with all the birthday wishes! I got up early and had to go out when I read that it was her special day...I whipped out that software and here's the neat part--I made the card in her favorite colors--so, how fun was that? She hasn't seen my blog yet, so I sure hope she comes online later today!


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