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The Fun of Fall

Sometimes, there is beauty in something we hate. I hate cold weather but I love the colors of Autumn.

It doesn't feel like fall if you are living in the dessert (Arizona) so, for more autumn feel, I posted pictures I pulled out from my old album during my first few days in U.S

I've only seen it in pictures and movies. The real beauty is incomparable from as seen on still images and films.

Autumn (Automne in French. Not much difference)  for me is very special. It was fall season when I first came in Illinois I was in awe how beautiful the orange, yellow and red hues of maple trees with evergreen trees from the side to remind that Christmas is coming soon.

The fun of jumping on dry leaves that dad just neatly gathered.

This is the season when I finally first met new family in person and to be with the man I loved over the years and will love for the rest of my life.

What is your favorite season and what makes it special?


  1. Hi Myric, How beautiful!!! We don't have fall here either with a change of seasons....My favorite season is summer--I love the beach!!

    Thank you so much for offering to post about my book--that is sooo sweet--thanks a million!!!

    In order to get rid of word verification, go to your blogger template, go to Settings, go to comments, scroll down and where it says comment verification, click "never!" All done! Yay!!!

  2. Oh wow, I see that your word verification is gone--awesome!!!


  3. Oh beaches are the best! I love sand and the color of the water. Sound of the waves is very refreshing and relaxing. My husband proposed at the beach.
    You probably love living there.

    Thanks for telling and for the help :D

    Keep blogging!

    Love lots

  4. i think
    that every season
    at it's most glorious
    is my favorite season

    but at this time of year
    i must admit
    autumn just might be the winner

    thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Myric, visiting from Whimsical Musings. Beautiful blog, hope you keep writing and sharing photos.


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