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Mac n Cheese Bolognese

A box of Kraft Mac N Cheese 
Left-Over Bolognese / Spaghetti Sauce
Mac N Cheese Bolognese!

We love shopping at Sam's where we can get items in bulks for reasonable price!
I got this idea from an Italian restaurant. Sounded interesting but rather odd so I must try it. 

It wasn't as odd as it sounded like. Basically, it just tasted like cheesy Bolognese pasta dish.

I intend to make extra spaghetti sauce for emergency case of laziness like this.

Just make the mac n cheese as instructed from the box, then heat the left-over spaghetti sauce in the microwave. When it is heated, mix it with mac n cheese.

Et Voila!

My loving husband was very sweet to say this tasted better than we had at the restaurant.

Easy math but delicious meal. Match it with good tasting garlic parmasean bread!

So what are you having for dinner?

Bon Appetit!

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  1. That IS simple. I may have to try this. It looks yummy.


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