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Can You Resist the Hyper-cuteness?

Oh! I feel like a little girl again.This is indeed for little girls at heart

I impulsively jumped into Cynthia's blog as soon as I saw this post from OC Cottage. She knew I would want it so badly!

 It almost fooled me. Take a closer look. It is actually a miniature baker's rack!

Cynthia is generously celebrating her as one of her creations made it to the cover of American Miniaturist magazine.

My mother-in-law didn't call me her little Myric for no reason. I love things tiny and would love to have this! Who could resist such an eye delight?

As a part of the celebration, Cynthia is giving away this tiny delight.

Just pay Cynthia a visit and learn how to join in the fun and win this bundle-of-hyper-cuteness.

No regrets just pure excitement.

Have a Happy Pink Saturday!

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  1. Oh wow ! I love miniatures and make some myself but oh wow !
    happy PS ... sorry I'm so late, I feel like the Mad Hatter (())


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