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Crock-pot Lava cake

Vulcan de Chocolat has been our favorite dessert to order when we were staying in Nice. Ordering it can be a little tricky. One time, it took me a a couple of minutes to order this. After a few charades and different pronunciations trying to explain what I want, the waiter sighed in relief "Ah! Vulcan!".

So make sure to be very mindful with your french accent or the waiter will end-up serving you 'vodka' for dessert. Oh me and my sloppy accent.

A chocolate cake with hot fudge oozing from the inside. Sounds hard to someone like me who doesn't know anything about baking a cake!

Until I saw this very easy lava cake recipe from a wonderful food blog of easy yet delicious recipes!

I had to try it immediately as soon as I've seen it.

I am a crock-pot newbie. I was amazed that I could make my favorite dessert with it.

Just follow the directions carefully.
Et Voila!

A wonderful taste to end a long day.



  1. Aloha Myric,
    OMG, that looks scrumptious! I'll have to try this one. I just hope my crockpot is not too outdated. Hah!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some idea of what digi stamping might be. You know, I had the same thought about this subject. I guess I'm still on the fence on with this one.

  2. Wow that looks gorgeous, I could just eat it right now lol. thanks also for popping by and commenting on my blog, i am so sorry i havent been able to get here until now
    hugs June xxxxx

  3. Yummy! I'm running off to the grocery market to get the stuff. Thank you so much for sharing this, and also for the follow! Au Revoir ~ Chelle

  4. This is beyond gorgeous and delicious!!! WOW!! Now, I'm hungry! lol
    I hope you've had a great weekend!!!


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