I am on



That's right!

There's gonna be some changes around here. 

Can you guess it yet?

I am so excited to show-off my new blog button created by Cindy of Whimsical Musings

Blog Button

When it comes to blog buttons or header, I think there's no one else can do it better than Cindy! You have seen me do some graphic designing, But honestly I rather trust my blog button to the hands of a pro. I have seen her creations and I loved every single one of them!
Besides as a very talented mixed media artist with a keen eye for good art and turning something shabby to something fabulous, this wonderful woman is a very creative writer and has become a very treasured friend of mine. She is one of the reasons why I keep blogging :)

Check-out her newest creation of header and button for Sue of Scrumplescrunch!

Her button for her up-coming Victorian Christmas. Doesn't it look elegant?

So if you need a header or a button, pay her a visit if you need to see more of her designs or just simply say hi!


  1. Awww, Myric, that is SO sweet!!! Thank you so much for letting people know about my blog buttons and headers! I've got to get your blog button posted!!! XO Cindy

  2. Hello Myric
    You are very kind to show off my new Header and Button that Cindy made for me, I think she has done a great job too.

  3. Your blog button is so cute! You got me inspired to make one hehe. Anyway I'll be putting yours in my blog. XD

  4. I love your blog button!! How cute!

    Thanks for visiting today xox

  5. Good Morning Myric Sweetie...
    Cindy did a beautiful job of making your blog button. How pretty and elegant it looks. Just like you. Love it.

    You have got to get out and explore the desert sweetie. Cactus speak just like flowers do. They have unique postures and of course I call the saguaro the soldiers of the desert. Standing tall and protecting all that grow there. So pretty, and try looking at a sunset in the desert, it will take your breath away.

    Happy Halloween sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Hi Myric!!!
    Happy Halloween!! I've got to go buy candy right now! lol We have at least 3,000 trick-or-treaters tonight!



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