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Fading Memories

There are certain memories we want to keep. But no matter how much we want to hold on to them or try our best to remember every detail, there are times we couldn't help it that some of them are gradually slipping away.

After a while, they just became vague blob of colors. The distinct lines are slowly fading. All is left are blurry mix of colors that you don't even know if they are the right ones.

We rely on the faded photographs, old songs, a familiar smell or a simple souvenir to take us back in time when the memory was still fresh. Then, we found ourselves in that place once again without the same feelings anymore. Somehow it became more significant than ever before.

This is the very first store I see on my route going to Promenade des Anglais everyday in Old Nice. I love this store, so I bought a table cloth from them.

This is how I remember it now. Ive taken this sight for granted. Now, I'd give anything to see it again.

My faded memories inspired me to play with this Gimp online tutorial and turn my photos to look like a painting. I've been playing with it a lot and I couldn't stop!

This entry was inspired by my favorite blog party "Time Travel Thursday" who is an angel to feature my "Herbes de Provence" art. I am truly grateful!


  1. I've never tried Gimp but, I need to check it out because I LOVE what you did with that photo. CUTE! Thanks for sharing & by the way... your title caught me as my memory seems to fade more & more now. OH MY!

  2. Oh this is beautiful!!! I love it!!!

  3. Such a sweet post. Sometimes less is more, leaving us to our thoughts (and memories). Thank you for providing this quiet moment. :)

  4. A lovely post and what a great idea to turn old photos into paintings - great idea!

  5. Beautiful digital altering and this is a great idea for "saving" old family photos that are fading away. Saves the "feel" of the memory. Love that!

  6. Such a sweet story. Big hugs xox

  7. Beautiful photos and story! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


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