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Crock Pot Desserts and Candy Recipes

After my successful Crock pot lava cake attempt, I just found these deliciously looking pictures of 

desserts at Pinterest. All of them were made using a slow cooker. My favorite method!

Apple Butterscotch Crisp. Looks soo good!
Image Via Crock Pot Ninja

Image Via My Recipes

Rocky Road Chocolate Cake

This is probably my most favorite on the list. What can I say? I love Rocky Road!!!!

See a compilation of 40 more Crock Pot Desserts and Candy Recipes at Stephanie Lynn's blog 

This page is so going to my Window's bookmark.



That's right!

There's gonna be some changes around here. 

Can you guess it yet?

I am so excited to show-off my new blog button created by Cindy of Whimsical Musings

Blog Button

When it comes to blog buttons or header, I think there's no one else can do it better than Cindy! You have seen me do some graphic designing, But honestly I rather trust my blog button to the hands of a pro. I have seen her creations and I loved every single one of them!
Besides as a very talented mixed media artist with a keen eye for good art and turning something shabby to something fabulous, this wonderful woman is a very creative writer and has become a very treasured friend of mine. She is one of the reasons why I keep blogging :)

Check-out her newest creation of header and button for Sue of Scrumplescrunch!

Her button for her up-coming Victorian Christmas. Doesn't it look elegant?

So if you need a header or a button, pay her a visit if you need to see more of her designs or just simply say hi!


French Friday #5

Hello everyone! 

I might be late to post this but technically not too late for my French Friday.

I started this design this morning. But since my brother-in-law came today all the way from Quincy IL to visit us, so I had to set this aside until tonight to finish it, while we have a fun-day with my beloved brother-in-law! We took him mini golfing, go cart, and laser tag.

Do not be distracted, but I was aiming for those cute mini town!!

As you can see we are having so much fun. We get along together so well. But don't worry. No brother-in-law harmed during the  photo shoot

For my French Friday, I want to present to you my newest wall art design, inspired by a French recipe called Coq au Vin.

I saw this gorgeous colorful rooster and decorative french frame at Graphics Fairy (awesome link by the way). I thought would be perfect for this concept!

I used the same color I used with my Herbes de Provence design.  The text you see at the background is the recipe for Coq au vin.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 
a tout a l'heure

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When In Rome

What determines the value of art? The amount of hard work put 

into it? The cost medium used? Or by name of a well known artist?

Or could it be rich story behind it that  brings an art into life to

moving pictures inside our heads. It enables 

mind to imagine and somehow inspires us to create our own 

masterpiece. Perhaps write a story of a father and son getting to

know each other for the first time

or a story of a celebration 25 years of overcoming hardships of 

marriage in an open air cafe in Rome.


I combined two of my photos to create the image I want using GIMP. This is how I remember walking on the streets of Rome

This is an actual scene, actual people  from two photos I took on our trip to Rome.

 I can't wait till I can print this one day for our home. It plays a very significant memory of our stay in Rome.

 Looks familiar?

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Selective Coloring

I have been having fun playing with my editing software lately. Hubby is so thoughtful to get books from the

library for my further reading about GIMP.

I have lots of stock photos that needs some TLC in retouching. I am editing my own wedding pictures because it is

something I really enjoy doing. Learning about the software and the function of each tools can be a pain!

But this is something I can do ALL DAY without complains! 

**I should have studied  graphic designing.**

I played with another lesson called selective coloring. Very easy. I used one of my wedding photos and

turned out quite  cute!

I love love red roses with pearls and feathers! Combination of classic and elegance.

Perfectly preserved for one of my Fading Memory Collections!

I thought this would be an appropriate entry for faded charm's White Wednesday!

What kind of flowers did you use for you bouquet on your wedding day?


Ma Petite Fille

Hello there! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ma Petite Fille is a very special term for me. This is what mumsy (my mother-in-law) calls me all the time as her act of endearment. Considering she never had her own daughter. And because of my size she is treating me like one! But it was fun and sweet. I tolerate it anyway. (so expect baby talks when you are around us. lol!)

Here is another added to my Fading Memory collections, this Petite Fille is actually one of my mumsy's table decorations.

I say, this is one of my failed attempts during my first practice with my camera. I am still practicing with my exposures and my photo turned out to be blurry. With a few touches from my ever trusted editing, I was able to make an art out of it! 

Do you have "Petite Fille"? What is your call of endearment for her? 


A Blogger's Monday Blues

The Blues is a term usually referred to depression or melancholy.

But not these type of  blues!


 It's Monday morning again. The home is clean so there's nothing else to do.
 I had to lazily drag my self out of the bed

Fixed my hair to look my best to start the day

Source: flickr.com via Neena on Pinterest

Then I thought... what's the point? I'll just be home all day. 
Lazy tie will do.

Then I looked for something to do.

Perhaps gather materials to create a craft.

or make a generic greeting card good for any occasions

...wrap an early Christmas present in a profound way?

or maybe I could try that new recipe!

or probably start a home project that might require a big mess.

Source: None via Myric on Pinterest

I couldn't make-up my mind. I sat in front of my computer to see what my fellow Bloggers have to show or tell today.  
Saw this sign say...

This gave me a thought.

There are two choices to start a great a week.

To inspire or be inspired :)

Happy Monday to all.


Once Upon a Thyme

I finally printed one of my 8 x 10 "Herbes de Provence: Thyme" wall art design. I chose thyme for my first print because it is my most favorite herb.

It is now hanging on my kitchen wall.

I've never done any art that I put on stretcher bars. It is a LOT of work, considering I am not an artist and had no experience doing it! My hubby was very supportive to drive me to the store and got me the tools I needed for mounting. There are still a few folds to cover-up on the sides. I may have to work on that later.

Herbes de Provence printed on Canvas. I may have to adjust the colors next time. It went darker than I thought.

It is very encouraging to hear from one of talented artist I know that this is something that would look good on her kitchen wall. So she encouraged me to try to market my digital arts along with my photographs I took when in Europe! I got very excited with the idea. So I thought.. why not!?

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Mac n Cheese Bolognese

A box of Kraft Mac N Cheese 
Left-Over Bolognese / Spaghetti Sauce
Mac N Cheese Bolognese!

We love shopping at Sam's where we can get items in bulks for reasonable price!
I got this idea from an Italian restaurant. Sounded interesting but rather odd so I must try it. 

It wasn't as odd as it sounded like. Basically, it just tasted like cheesy Bolognese pasta dish.

I intend to make extra spaghetti sauce for emergency case of laziness like this.

Just make the mac n cheese as instructed from the box, then heat the left-over spaghetti sauce in the microwave. When it is heated, mix it with mac n cheese.

Et Voila!

My loving husband was very sweet to say this tasted better than we had at the restaurant.

Easy math but delicious meal. Match it with good tasting garlic parmasean bread!

So what are you having for dinner?

Bon Appetit!


Phantom of the Opera inspired Bedroom

Somebody stop me!

I couldn't stop listening to Phantom of the Opera movie soundtrack! Definitely one of the most romantic  movie I've ever seen (starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum). I melt at their love triangle scene at the rooftop and sang "All I ask".

I cried during the heartbreaking final scene?

And who would forget their passionate duet in "Point of No Return" play.

Besides from the very well written story, the production design captured my interest. I thought, where could be the best place to find fine antiques than The Phantom's lair!

 If given a chance, candelabras are the first on my list.

I started looking for the movie inspired bedrooms. I've seen interesting photos of designs.

Gothic inspired room doesn't always have to feel dark and heavy.

These designs share similar look for my ideal romantic bedroom. Shades of reds, a little touch of black and candles.

But, I am not much a big fan of black curtains though...

Or black walls.

I am not that crazy about Contemporary-Gothic bedroom design but those wall candles are my thing.

There goes my decor idea for Halloween!

Bon Week-end!


French Friday #4

 It's Friday once again!

I mentioned earlier about the online GIMP tutorial I have been using to turn my photos to look like a painting. I finished another artwork called "FenĂȘtre de la Provence".

I took this photo on our trip to Marseilles. I thought with a little touch of graphic effects, it will be perfect for my Provence themed kitchen or dining room. I made a few changes in colors. I love how it turned out. Such festive and happy colors!

Our kitchen could use an extra window :D I am soooo excited! Can't wait till I can print it!

I hope you are all having a great Friday!

Ă  demain !!!