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Very Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken

I've had  my lazy cooking days and today is one. Karen, my husband's cousin's wife (really not sure how to call her in shorter term) shared this recipe from Minute's site and I made this for tonight's dinner. I have tried making good chicken for my sweet and sour but I just couldn't perfect it. My kitchen becomes messy and greasy everytime I fry chickens. so I used frozen chicken nuggets instead. Not really a fan of frozen food, but this isn't bad for easy made asian food. I put fresh veggie in it so thats good. I think.

click here for the recipe

Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken

I had printed recipe with me, but my stubborn self just wont follow the instructions. It is easier and more fun making it, my style.

My hubby liked it. He used chopsticks for more asian feel


  1. Hi Myric,
    Wow, something is wrong with my browser tonight and I couldn't come on and leave a message...Glad I could get on thru Firefox. This looks delicious, my friend!!

  2. I had the same problem using Google, so I am using a different browser.

    Thanks for stopping by :)



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