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Women Don't Play House: The Art of Home-Making

One key element to happiness is knowing what you want. My friend teased me I have become domesticated since I got married. Perhaps that's true and I am not going to deny it. My priorities may have changed but the passion in my heart or i did as single still remains.
I may not be talented in decorating but I realized I am writing/blogging not mainly for the love of decorating. I write because for the love of writing, and decorating just happens to excite me lately.
The exciting part as a freshman housewife is first stage of home-making. It is like providing a painter with fresh clean canvas. I do consider it as an art whereas the home maker as an artist expresses herself through interior design and the outcome could tell stories or visualizes one's character. There is a challenge in putting a vision into execution, the home becomes the representation of who's living in it.
So before I go on buying all the cute or pretty decors I see at the mall, I must know first what I want to spare me from home interior disaster.

To be continued....


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