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A Woman Thing

I just finished reading 'Blogging: It's "Woman" thing.' by Cindy Adkins

The read offers more than just its tittle. Blogging is not only a woman thing, it is an art, passion and can be a writer's bestfriend. I enjoyed reading it. The entire time it felt like talking with a friend over a cup of tea/coffee. The writer was very encouraging. It inspired me to write more after hearing what benefits blogging could give.

The tittle of the second chapter caught my attention. It is similar to my life's goal. To be an inspiration.

I recommend it to begginers (or even to those who are thinking of starting to blog). A great way to start blogging.

It is available in amazon kindle edition.

Worth every cent.

"If you have a talent, by all means, share it. If you have a passion, put it into words, post photos, and let others become aware of it. it. There is no time like the present to start telling your story about who you are."


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