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I sacrificed my time reading news about Obama's speech on American Jobs Act 2011 instead of finishing "The Help", book I am reading now. I found myself becoming more interested in what he has to offer to millions of unemployed Americans today. I could relate to the topic because I myself have been looking for a job. I submitted a few job applications already, but I haven't got any calls yet. I don't know if it is because my achievements and my professional backgrounds were from Philippines and they hesitate to call overseas for my professional references. There were times when I have to write my educational background, I tell myself, "what's the point? They would rather hire graduates from around here". The pain of feeling worthless is worse than stress of graveyard shift. I can't believe I am going through this over again.

My husband is a great provider. We don't have much, but I must be thankful that we are able to meet our everyday needs. But it would be nice to  make-use of ability God has gifted me and attain healthier social life.

I have been listening to K LOVE radio recently and heard an encouraging advice. Being unemployed does not mean I am worthless or forgotten. There are maybe thousands of people applying for the same job due to bad economy situation. I just comforted myself to positive thinking that maybe the position is given to someone who needs it more than I do.

So while the economy is in its healing process and on the wait if congress to approve the bill and or wait for God's perfect time and job, its time to quit moping around, kick-off my bedroom slippers and put on marching shoes, like Obama said.

While on the wait, make use of time boosting confidence and sharpening abilities. In my case, practicing writing skill through writing blogs while enjoying my favorite blend of coffee. Challenge your creativity by creating something out of nothing, or without spending a $. After all we were created in the image and likeness of Someone who created us out of air and dirt.

On job hunting,do not limit job search on classified ads. Socialize, meet more friends or attend church. Not only its fun but also, they might know someone who could help.


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