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French Friday

Today is my French Friday when I post something French.

I am a person that doesn't love colognes and perfumes. But I want to share the scent that captured my nose. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume we bought from Fragonard.


Nope, it is not the French painter guy Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Although, the name of the perfumerie was a tribute to him

 Me and my husband's intention was only to visit the Fragonard Perfumerie museum in Grasse. I never thought my husband would end up buying me a bottle of Belle de Nuit. It is important that he likes the smell because, most of the time, he is the one who smells me anyway and he LOVES IT. I teased him that he could wear it if he want.I guess he doesn't want to smell like a woman. He just likes it on me. We got more interested in it because we heard the history from the tour trip at the museum and, the container can be a beautiful gold souvenir.

A group of tourists asked us to join them to purchase a package of 60ml bottle and we all had each of this for free. Now I have two bottles! Oh joy

 I'd definitely want to get more given another chance to go back to Grasse. It has fruity, not too flowery and timeless scent. They said Belle de Nuit is one of their very old scent. Smells more natural, not too chemical-y.

Bonheur Solid Perfume

We bought perfumes. colognes and solid perfume as gifts to family and friends.

Other scents I love are Diamant (perfume), Eau du Bonheur (cologne)

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