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Starting all over again

I've created who-know's-how-many blog pages. From friendster, to myspace, to multiply to facebook, to wordpress and now here. When I informed my husband I wanted to create a new blogsite, but this time is for real. He just said "yeah right. You already had a few". I'll prove him wrong... or should I prove to myself I am right. I am not an experienced blogger but here is a piece of my thought about starting one.
The problem about starting a blog is like picking a life career which I am not very good at. I wanted to write about many, many, many things which can be so overwhelming. It has to fit in my interest and ask myself the question, 'is it something I would enjoy writing about?'.

I started (again) with customizing my page with a very pretty blog wallpaper from shabbyblog that I think would perfectly represent my blog. The tittle of this background is 'amour'. The design conveniently matched my blog's tittle. So French-y
What's with the tittle?
France is very close to my heart. It was our first home as a married couple. We lived in French Riviera for a year an a half and I really adored French culture of class and sophistication. Since then, I always dedicated my interest (decoration wise) with a French-touch.
This blog will contain all my little passions in life and I am hoping that you could share yours too :)


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