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D I Y Wall Planner

I pinned this neat idea in my Pinterest board. I found out from Martha Stewart's website where are are lots and lots of neat DIY ideas. This image  never left my mind ever since, and I just couldn't wait to do it for our office space. I thought this would be perfect for our office because I want black, white and gray colors to it.
Chalk wallboard Calendar

Since that we are just living in an apartment and I couldn't paint anything to our walls (bummer), I am going to try something different and see how it will turn out with a few black and gray card boards, tape adhesives and the rest I will see how creative I can get.

I am just excited to share this neat idea.


  1. Oh you are so right--this is totally amazing--and I can't wait to see what you do with the wall in your apartment. That should be super-fun!

    I just realized that you have Shelfari on your side board--that is exciting. I didn't import mine to my blog yet. If you read "Blogging: It's a 'Woman' Thing," I can't wait to hear what you think of it!


  2. Hi Cindy! So excited to see you here! You are waiting for my wall project? Now the pressure is on!
    and yeah, I am just learning about Shelfari. I can't wait to read your book though.
    I saw you like Edith Piaf too. I like couple of her songs!


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